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We’ve All Been There

Whether it was a prolonged illness in the family or recovery from an accident or the nightmare of divorce, we’ve all experienced times in our lives when it was if we were in a tunnel and all that we could focus on was what was within the confines of that tunnel.  I was there, but there is light at the end of my tunnel. Now I can start to look around, assess the short and long term damage to my family and begin  to rebuild a new and better family for my daughters, Grace and Carly.
On Sunday, we went to Tinkertown Museum in the East Mountains, about a 30:00 drive from where I live now.  Grace (on the left) took an “usie” – like a “selfie”, but all three of us were in the picture.  That is the joy that I want them to experience from now on – enough with the pain and heartache of divorce.
Inside the museum is a Career Finder and you put a quarter in and it tells you what you are going to be.  Grace and Carly both did and then Grace said, “Dad, you don’t need to do it because you already have a job”.  They know that I love what I do as a Team Beachbody Coach and that it has given us the lifestyle that we have, what they don’t know is that it has truly been a lifesaver for us during the years of trials that we have gone through.  In 2009, just as those trials were unfolding, I became one of the Team Beachbody Top Coaches for 2009.  Then came the challenges in our marriage which we weathered until there was no point anymore.  Now it is time to look forward and upward and pray that God will bless our new family and allow me to achieve Top Coach honors again.
I can only do that, though, if I excel at helping you achieve your goals.  I am driven to do that with a passion like never before.  I’ve seen how bad life can be as you have, too.  Once you leave the “tunnel” of the trials of life, you don’t want to go back anytime soon.  All I want to do now is to be highly successful as a coach based on how well I teach you and lead you and motivate and inspire you to succeed. It’s time for another “championship” season, so let’s get together, huddle up and plan our strategy for achieving win after win after win in our lives.  Are you in?  I’m all in and I need every “player” on my team to focus on nothing less than  achieving and surpassing every goal that you have.

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