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Life’s Too Short to be Entombed in an Unhealthy Body

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My whole life I’ve BEEN big, and LIVED big spent my teens and 20’s in the 300+ club. Though overweight, I was still a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. I loved life and overindulged in things that brought me immediate gratification. But sadly, all those indulgences were also cutting my life short. So when I rocked the scale at 365 pounds, I had had it enough was enough! Life’s too short to be entombed in an unhealthy body.

I tried to diet and exercise on my own, but after months of struggling I had only lost 20 pounds and that’s when it became evident that I needed help, so I turned to the great Tony Horton, P90X, and Beachbody. Over the next two years I completed FOUR Beachbody programs (sometimes doing them several times), changed my diet, lost 150 lbs., and went from a 58” waist down to a fit 35.

How’d I do it? By plowing through P90X THREE times back-to-back, a round of P90X2, then a round of P90X/INSANITY hybrid with my cousin. And if that wasn’t enough, I did one more round of P90X2 which shredded so much fat that got down to 205 lbs. WOW, 365 to 205! I could barely believe it myself. Now it was time for the “real” fun to begin. My cousin and I set out to bulk up (with muscle, not fat) and crushed it with a super elongated series of Body Beast which packed on 10 pounds of Grrrrrrr. All that in 2 years WHEW! But I didn’t stop there. I’m currently doing P90X, AGAIN, to see what my body can do fully fueled.

In the two years I did those workouts I never plateaued, instead my performance continually excelled. If I wasn’t losing fat, I was gaining endurance, and my body was improving daily. I never had to worry about what to do or what to eat, I just followed the plan Beachbody laid out for me and it worked. Especially the part about drinking Shakeology daily. I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE Shako!!! It’s the ultimate health shake that you can bring it ANYWHERE. It’s full of goodness without all the artificial garbage found in most other so-called nutrition shakes. And then there’s the P90X Recovery Formula which was also key to my success. After putting my body through massive strain, Recovery refueled my body and helped me build muscle mass.

Today, I’m in the best shape of my life something I never thought I’d be able to say at 30. Having gone through this battle empowers me to help others who are traveling down a similar path. And while the road is sometimes long, and often seems scary, like most things in life, most of the fear is simply in your head. If there’s one thing I learned from my journey it’s this: Be patient with the process, yourself, and your body. You didn’t pack the weight on overnight, and it’s not going to come off overnight. But find a workout that’s fun and you’ll keep going when the going gets tough. And finally, “Just do your best, and forget the rest.” Thanks Tony. Thanks Beachbody. And thanks cousin, Frank. You guys saved me. And 150 less-pounds later, I REALLY love life!

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