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New and Improved Greenberry Shakeology


New and Improved Greenberry Shakeology

Question: What’s different in the new Greenberry Shakeology formula?


  • Reduced calories from 140 to 130 per serving
  • Reduced Sugars from 11g to 6g per serving! (5 grams less than before!)
  • Reduced Total Carbs from 19g to 13g per serving
  • Increased Protein from 16g to 17g per serving
  • Fiber increased from 3g to 4g due to the addition of pea protein and increase in super greens.
  • Reduced fructose necessary in the formula due to the addition of Luo Han Guo
  • We added Shakeology’s newest superfoods: Luo Han Guo, Moringa and Himalayan Salt.
  • We increased the amount of super-greens (it is Greenberry after all!) and included an even more delicious natural flavor which works more harmoniously with the formula to makes Greenberry sweeter and fruitier.
  • Green tea used is no longer decaffeinated therefore it is less “processed”.
    • (Note: Green tea is naturally very low in caffeine).
  • Plus we incorporated the improvements we made recently to Chocolate:
    • More concentrated grasses. We’re using grass juice powders. The grasses are first pressed into juices which allows us to concentrate the nutrients then the juice is further concentrated into a powder. (Before we were just grinding the grasses themselves into powders)
    • Better strain of probiotics
    • No suma root or blue-green algae
    • Still Low Glycemic Index

Q: Can I still get the Original Greenberry Formula?

A: For those of you who loved the original Greenberry, you can still purchase it (24-count cartons only) for limited time, beginning Tuesday, May 7th. Just go to the Shakeology Shop page on to place your order.

Q: Does the New Greenberry Formula still have whey protein?

A: Yes, Greenberry Shakeology still has whey protein in it. We also added natural pea protein to round out the amino acid profile.

Q: Does the New Greenberry Formula still have fructose in it?

A: Yes, but nearly half of what it had before. In this latest formula evolution, new superfood ingredient Luo Han Guo (monkfruit) lends natural sweetness to the formulation without the carbs or calories.

Q: Why are the calories lower in this new Greenberry formula? (130 vs. 140 in the old formula)

A: This is mainly due to the reduction of fructose in the formula.

Q: What is Himalayan Salt? Why was it added into the new Greenberry Shakeology formula?

A: Salt and sodium are necessary in our diets. Unfortunately, common table salt has been stripped of its natural minerals. Himalayan salt is completely natural, relatively untouched, and as a result, still contains over 70 trace minerals. All these natural minerals found in Himalayan salt actually make this salt healthier for you than regular table salt. Additionally, as most people who bake know, adding a pinch of salt contributes to the sweetness of a product. Keep in mind that the RDA is 2400 mg. People who follow a low sodium diet generally restrict sodium to as low as 1500mg/day. So at 200mg, Greenberry Shakeology only represents 8% of the recommended daily intake.

Q: What are all ingredients now listed in blends on the 24-count cartons?

A: Ingredients on the Greenberry Shakeology packaging have been grouped in such a way to help customers more easily understand the categories of ingredients and their benefits.

Q: Why was Suma Root removed from Greenberry Shakeology?

A: Recently, the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) and the National Football League (NFL) released a new list of nationally banned substances. Because current drug screening technologies are unable to differentiate between natural, healthy substances and synthetic banned substances, the list now encompasses a group of all-natural phyto-chemical compounds known as ecdysteroids, which are found in various plants around the globe. Since the ecdysterone found in Suma Root can be erroneously detected as a banned synthetic substance, we have chosen to exclude it from Greenberry Shakeology.

Q: Why was Blue-green algae removed from Greenberry Shakeology?

A: The numerous benefits derived from blue-green algae are found in the other ingredients found in Shakeology’s Phytonutrient / Super-Greens blend.

Q: Why is only one strain of probiotics listed on the new Greenberry Shakeology label rather than the 6 listed on the old formula?

A: Bacillus Coagulans is a powerful strain of probiotics proven to survive the acids in the stomach and reach the intestine where it is intended to function. Probiotics are good bacteria that help create a healthy environment in the intestines, to maintain healthy and improved digestive function. These friendly organisms may also help fight bacteria that cause diarrhea and there’s also evidence that probiotics help maintain a strong immune system. This is why the probiotics need to reach the intestines instead of being eaten up in the stomach and why we have upgraded our probiotic strain.

Q: Is Greenberry Shakeology gluten-free?

A: The Shakeology formula does not contain any gluten-based ingredients and we make every effort to prevent any ingredients with gluten from coming into direct or indirect contact with our products. However, because of our high standards we do not feel it is appropriate to make a gluten-free claim since Shakeology is produced in facilities that also handle gluten based ingredients. If you have a concern about gluten it is best to consult your doctor before making any dietary changes.

Q: Original Greenberry Shakeology used to say it was Gluten-free. Why has it changed?

A: Because the safety of our customers is extremely important to us we felt it was prudent to include the statement that Shakeology is made in a factory that also handles gluten (wheat) based ingredients and we removed the Gluten Free statement. This does not mean that Shakeology contains gluten, in fact the Shakeology formula does not have any gluten based ingredients and we make every effort to prevent any ingredients with gluten from coming into direct or indirect contact with our product. This is taking a very conservative approach however, the health and safety of consumers is our number one priority.

Q: When will Shakeology be certified gluten-free?

A: There are no gluten-based ingredients in the Shakeology formula. Although we can apply for a gluten-free certification, the safety of our customers is extremely important to us and until we are satisfied that our high standards can be met we will not put a gluten-free certified statement on the package. To meet our internal standards, we are reviewing our entire supply chain of nearly 100 ingredients to ensure that there is no potential exposure to gluten-based grains from the farm to the Shakeology product being sealed in the final package. At this point we cannot say when that assessment will be complete.

Q: Is Greenberry Shakeology free from allergens?

A: Shakeology is formulated to be free of the common 8 allergens, however, Shakeology is made in a manufacturing facility that also process allergens such as soy, wheat, milk and gluten. While our manufacturing procedures follows strict, required FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), which include cleaning and breaking down of equipment between production runs and proper air filtration systems as precautionary measures, the possibility of cross-contamination can never be 100% eliminated, therefore we include the warning statement as a precaution to make our customers aware that Shakeology is manufactured in a facility that also processes soy, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, and wheat (gluten) ingredients.” We feel this is a responsible approach to help those with extreme sensitivities to such ingredients make an informed decision about the use of Shakeology.

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