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P90X Certification and Qualification Programs

Love P90X ®? Then earn your P90X Certification and harness the power of America’s hottest extreme fitness brand. Your P90X Certification will add depth and breadth to what you can offer as a fitness professional, as well as help you deliver proven results to attract and retain more clients.

Complete P90X Certification Program

You’ve mastered P90X. Now become a P90X master. Earn your P90X Certification and join an elite group of trainers who can help clients achieve mind-blowing results from the P90X program.

P90X Certification is a two-step process:

Step 1 – P90X Qualification
This online learning program is your first step in P90X Certification. It’s designed to give you a more in-depth background and understanding of P90X, so you can talk about it with more knowledge and authority.

Step 2 – P90X Certification Training Workshop
A two-day, hands-on, intensive training workshop taught by Beachbody ® Master Instructors, designed to provide you with a solid foundation to train clients in P90X, as well as teach P90X group exercise classes. This workshop completes your P90X Certification.

To learn more about the P90X Qualification, to find locations for the P90X Workshops and the P90X Certification process,  please click here.

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