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Shakeology 101

Shakeology 101

What is Shakeology and is it worth the price tag?

That is the most frequent question I get about the Beachbody nutritional line.   Let’s shed some light with Shakeology 101.

Shakeology 101 – Shake Type

Shakeology is a meal replacement shake as opposed to a protein shake.   What is the difference?   A protein shake is focused on supplementing your protein intake.   You can get anywhere from 15 to 55 grams of protein in a single serving depending on the product.

A meal replacement shake contains a full spectrum of nutrients and can substitute a small to medium meal.   Shakeology provides a whole list of valuable vitamins and minerals – Click Shakeology_ingredients for the Shakeology product label.

Shakeology 101 – How Often Should You Drink It

Shakeology is best used on a daily basis.   I have it every morning for breakfast after a good workout.

Some people have it as a midday snack to get them from lunch to dinner without snacking on high calorie chips and sugary snacks.

To get the full benefits of Shakeology I think you want to stick to a daily habit of having a shake.   If not daily, then 5 times a week.

Shakeology 101 – What Are The Benefits of Shakeology

Shakeology has a full range of benefits.   The ingredients in Shakeology will help you build long lean muscle as well as improve your hair and skin tone.   (Sorry doesn’t seem to do anything for gray hair 😥 )

Most people think I am a lot younger than my 40 years.   I have to credit my appearance to good diet and regular working out.

I also have lowered my cholesterol while regularly using Shakeology and working out.   I no longer take a cholesterol lowering medication.   This alone is worth the price of the shake in my opinion.

Some of the other benefits include increased immunity and ability to cope with stress.   Read the Shakeology Benefits Chart to see several other benefits of Shakeology.

Shakeology 101 – Does Shakeology Taste Good

I love the taste of Chocolate Shakeology.   The Greenberry flavor is very mild and tends to taste more like whatever fruit you mix in with it.   Tropical flavor is on its way.

My personal favorite Shakeology recipe is 8 oz. water, 1/2 a frozen banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter.   Overall I use water and a frozen fruit to make my shakes.   I found that using ice instead of frozen fruit made the shake more watery than I liked.

I also have made shakes with Almond Milk for a creamier and more filling shake.   Almond Breeze Unsweented Almond Milk only have 40 calories per serving so it doesn’t add a lot to you total shake calories.

Sometimes I mix up a shake and take it with me to have during my lunch break.   If you keep it cold and use the shaker cup you get with your second order, the shake holds up really well.

Shakeology 101 – How Much Does Shakeology Cost and How Long Will It Last

Shakeology is currently $119.96 per bulk bag which lasts 30 days if you use a full scoop per shake.   I use slightly less than a full scoop and it lasts me about 45 days.

If you join Team Beachbody you get a 10% discount on Shakeology plus if you sign up for autoship, you get your shipping free.   Finally if you become a Beachbody Coach you get a 25% discount.

In addition you get the Shakeology workouts with your first order.   I loved the Shakeology workouts which are two different workouts – one 30 minute and one 50 minute workout.   These are great overall body workouts that range from the beginner to the intermediate level.

You get the free Shakeology Shaker Cup with your second order.

On top of that, you get the “bottom of the bag guarantee.”   If you don’t like Shakeology after using the entire bag, you can return the empty bag for a full refund.   That’s how confident everyone at BeachBody is that Shakeology is an amazing product.

So there you have it – Shakeology 101.   I love it and highly recommend it.   After using it for more than a year, I am still hooked on it and I just don’t like to start my day with out.   Don’t take my word for it however, check out my Shakeology website for all the details and to place an order.

Watch this clip below to see what doctors say about Shakeolgoy:


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