Keeping My Body Fit and Healthy with BODi

BODi Free Membership

The BODi free membership gives you unlimited access to an experienced BODi coach 7 days a week at no charge.  You also get access to your own BODi store and there you can find the products that work best for you.

The BODi Free Membership Sign-Up Page

As you can see below, there is no credit card required to sign up and once you do sign up, you will have immediate access to me as your coach.  I will send you an email to introduce myself and then we can keep in touch by email, text, or on social media. Your BODi free membership and Team Howtobefit membership are one and the same.

Why Join BODi with Coach Rich Dafter?

I have been coaching for over 16 years with Team Beachbody/BODi and I can offer you all of the experience and knowledge that comes with having been with Team Beachbody since literally the very beginning.  Add to that my total of over 36 years of coaching runners, having been an ACE-certified personal trainer and the free BODi membership that I am offering you is a complete package of health, fitness, and nutrition knowledge.

To get started now, just click here.  Once I am notified, I will send you a welcome email and we can get started right away.

To learn more about me, please click here.




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