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My friend’s 30 Day Fitness Challenge through Insanity: The ASYLUM!

My good friend Stephanie Goetsh, founder of, has come together with me on an Insane journey to Insanity:   The ASYLUM.   Here’s what she has to say so far…

A couple of weeks ago I (Stephanie Goetsch) got a call from a friend of mine, Diana Collins.   Diana is a coach for Beach Body Fitness and she was all too excited about a new exercise program coming out.   Who gets excited about exercise??

She does…note: not me.

But, I did find her enthusiasm a wee bit contagious.   I’m a workout video junkie.   Since high school I’ve been Power Stepping and Tae-Bo’ing my way to a trim waist line.   And, if I were to be totally honest with you, now that spring-has-sprung and my sweaters have been replaced with tank-tops, it’s clear to me that I need a spring body tune-up.

Diana was jumping on board with the new fitness series, Insanity: The ASYLUM, and wanted me to jump on the crazy-train, too.   So, with my tank-tops as motivation (and my overall health, of course!), I signed on – concerned that I could live to regret it.

So ladies, this is my 30 day adventure through Insanity – literally and figuratively.   I’m going to let you know how it goes and if this program delivers all it promises. After all, the program is about a $100 investment – I don’t know about you, but I’m not just throwing my money around nowadays.

Please stick with me…hold me accountable and send me lots of love…something called The Asylum doesn’t strike me as anything but a load of crazy!   But, I have no doubt my fab new, trim figure after the next 30 days will thank me!   *fingers crossed*


The Asylum is a program for athletes, or to make all of us better athletes.   I think that sounds fantastic, but be clear, I haven’t participated in sports in about 11 years.   But, I do workout and I’m counting that as athletic.

Before you decide this program is for you, know you’ll need plenty of room to move; I’m estimating at least a 6 feet x 4 feet area of space, based on what I just used in my living room. It comes with a ladder, yes, a ladder that you will use to do speed and agility exercises.

Day One is all about drills.   Back and forth through what I now consider my arch nemesis, the ladder.   If you haven’t worked out in ages, this isn’t for you.   Gotta be honest.   You’re going to need a baseline of fitness to not fall out from a stroke about 20 minutes into this – which I nearly did.   I’m totally exhausted, but I think I actually feel stronger already.   Take that flabby thighs!!


When I got out of bed this morning it was clear that someone crept into my bedroom last night while I was sleeping and poured rocks into my calves; they hurt.   But, I’m OK with muscle soreness, I call it my “skinny hurt.”   It means I’ve been working out and my body will soon show the results and love me for it!   So today, after one day, I’m knee deep in the skinny hurt.

The workout today was Strength.   You’ll need dumbbells.   I’ve just completed more push-ups than I thought possible. My arms are dead tired, but overall, it wasn’t a terrible workout.   It was manageable and you can take it at your own pace – somewhat.   OK, OK…I’ll stick around for Day Three.

STAY TUNED FOR MORE…I’m staying in it for the full 30 days…and you’re coming along!!

-Stephanie Goetsch, May 2011

Want more info about Insanity: The ASYLUM??   Contact Diana Collins directly – she’d love to help!     Catch her on Facebook or Twitter and directly on her Beach Body Coach website.

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