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Spring is less than a week away!

I know that exclamation is welcome news to some, but to some of my friends it may make them wish they had a little more time.

Before you know it the “unofficial start of summer” will be upon us.   There are a few reason why I like working out and getting ready for the spring and summer.   My first reason isn’t what you might consider obvious.   I want to make sure my body is strong and healthy for my kids.   I want to be able to play, swim, run, wrestle and just be goofy with my kids.   I don’t want to worry if I’ll have enough energy, or if my body won’t be able to take some horse-play.   I want to be strong enough to pick up my 10 and 9 year old sons and throw them in the pool.

Now I know that looking good is also important to a lot of people.   But I want you to consider the less obvious reasons why its important to exercise all year long.   Sometimes those less obvious reasons are more important the the obvious ones.

I’ll keep this post brief.   If you spent the entire winter hibernating, its not too late to stick to your resolutions and get busy with some healthy activities.   There are a lot of things you can start now and notice new strength, lost inches and better cardiovascular function in just a few weeks.

If you need help with starting a program, please feel free to email me at or you can send me a direct message through

And of course I am available to coach you online for FREE through

Think about what is important to you and why good health and a strong, flexible  body can make that more enjoyable.

Have a great day!

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