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Positive Thinking, Positive Habits and Positive Change

Seeing the Giants, a wild card team, win the Super Bowl is a perfect example of the power of positive thinking as they denied the New England Patriots the chance to complete a perfect season. As Eli Manning said, “There’s something about this team. The way we win games, and performed in the playoffs in the stretch. We had total confidence in ourselves. The players believed in each other.”

Seeing Kevin Everett, who on September 9th, 2007 lay on the 20 yard line unable to move and who was subsequently told that he would probably be a quadriplegic, walking and hearing him in his interviews is more proof of the extraordinary power of positive thinking, and in his case, the power of prayer. His belief system kept him going and as he said about his rehab, he put in “five hours of rehab every day to learn how to make his muscles respond to his thoughts”. Positive thinking and positive habits can yield positive change in your life, too. Perhaps not in the miraculous way that Kevin changed his life, but rather in a way that will be equally miraculous to you.

In an article in the New York Times on October 4, 2007, Sarah Tuff describes how Matt Fitzgerald in his new book, Brain Training for Runners has taken Dr. Timothy Noakes “central governor model” to the next level and uses it extensively with the runners that he coaches. If we can tap into it, the central governor concept could be used by all of us to create and control positive thoughts and positive actions.

In his book, Change Your Heart, Change Your Life, Dr. Gary Smalley tells us that what you think all day is what you will believe. If can fill your day with positive thoughts, then, those thoughts will become what you believe. Those positive thoughts will lead to positive habits and then to positive change.

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