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The Viral Weight Loss Plan or The Unplanned Fast

I was doing really well for a month. I got in some good workouts in January and visions of fitness danced in my head. Then along came a virus that sat down beside me and now those visions have gone down the toilet, so to speak.

What? Although I got my newsletter out early Monday morning (only because I had worked on it for days beforehand), that is about all that I have accomplished since then except for spending way too much time in the bathroom. I have eaten almost nothing in the last two days and I don’t have a good feeling about today, either. I highly don’t recommend a stomach virus to lose weight, but it sure does work. It is just too bad that you have to see the weight that you are losing. Yuck!

I do recommend however, since the bathroom is calling again and I have to go for now, that you read a good article on my site entitled, 10 Reasons to Fast and you will get some good ideas on how and why to fast and the many benefits that come from a “planned” fast.

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