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Affordable Health Care Options

Please note that the title of this blog has the words “health care” and not the much more often seen word “healthcare” – as in “healthcare spending in the U.S. was $2.3 TRILLION in 2007, or $7600 per person“.

What this blog addresses is the fact that you can take care of your health with sensible, time tested options.

Option number one is regular exercise.   In an article in Prevention by Marianne McGinnis, she states that:

“If you want a natural remedy that really works, try exercise. A Consumer Reports survey of more than 46,000 people found exercise to be almost as effective–and sometimes more effective–than prescription medications for common medical problems. Participants also favored exercise over many alternative therapies such as massage, diet, herbs, and acupuncture (Consumer Reports, May 2000). Exercise scored better than other natural remedies for …

High cholesterol
Respiratory infections

Exercise worked as well as prescription medications for …

Back pain
Prostate problems”

As Team Beachbody Coaches, we are constantly promoting the benefits of regular exercise and know firsthand that exercise keeps us healthier and more productive and cuts down significantly on doctor’s visits and health care expenses.

Option number two, in addition to eating nutritiously, is taking vitamin supplements.   In an article from, the author, Ito Nakamura says:

“Many people, especially as we age, require more nutrients than the diet supplies. Unfortunately, few of us eat the recommended 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables/day. Scientific evidence continues to accumulate to strengthen the view that vitamin deficiencies are more common than previously thought. It has been estimated that at least 50 human genetic diseases are caused by specific errors in the DNA blueprint, and that these diseases can be corrected or attenuated by taking vitamins several-fold in excess of the recommended daily intake. Other disorders that may be related to genetic factors and vitamin deficiencies include fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine, rage, depression, bipolar, and other more minor disorders.”

As Team Beachbody Coaches, we make available to you from our online stores, an excellent selection of high quality supplements and nutritionals.   When you become a Team Beachbody Club Member, you get a 10% discount not only on these products, but also all of the most popular and effective workout DVD’s available on the market and fitness accessories as well.

Option three is to maintain your ideal weight.   Everyone has an ideal weight for their body type and that doesn’t mean that we should all be thin, it just means that we should be the weight at which our bodies are healthiest and function the best.

Beachbody offers a nutritious meal replacement shake in chocolate and vanilla, and if you substitute just one meal a day with a shake, you will not only lose weight, but you will also save money.   If, for example, you have to run out at lunch time every day to eat, then the most cost effective and healthiest thing to do would be to have a meal replacement shake and you would be getting all of the nutrients that you needed for that meal and it would probably be better than what you would have consumed anyway.

Regular exercise, good nutrition and supplements and maintaining your weight with a meal replacement shake every day are affordable options to better health and better quality of life.   The ideal is to use all three of these options to improve and safeguard your health and to reduce your dependence on an overburdened health care system.   It is almost like health insurance, but instead of paying monthly premiums so that when you get sick the insurance company will pay most of the bill, you are spending a little money each month so that you won’t get sick and won’t need to go to the doctors.   As Ben Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“.

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