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Imagine for a Moment

We  face challenges in our lives all of the time and life is like a roller coaster for many of us.   But let’s face it, few people would stand in line at an amusement park for the roller coaster that ran on a flat track.   The exhilaration of the highs offsets the sense of fear in the falls to the low points.

I wouldn’t wish the roller coaster ride of my life on anyone, but I wouldn’t trade my life for anything because I have faith in where the ride is taking me.

What helps with that faith, besides my own belief system, is the company that I work with because I know that wherever life takes me, they will still be there for me and that my financial security is growing.

A good friend of mine called me the other night and she is a fellow coach.   Our friendship developed out of our love for what we do.

She is a coach who was working full time at a job for the last ten years that she didn’t like and hoping some day to be a full time Beachbody coach.   In the meantime, another job possibility came along and she took it.   She had no idea that it would consume so much of her time and take so much time away from being able to develop her Beachbody business.   It has, in fact, in the three month probationary period, been so draining that she has been inconsistent logging into WOWY.   Because of that, she stopped getting members in June.

But because she is a coach and because she did build up her business in the beginning, she is  still making $800 a month or so.   She didn’t say, but knowing her, she is  still answering her  customer’s emails and I know that she occasionally posts on the message boards, but that is all that she is able to do.

Can you imagine for a moment another company that would still pay you $800 a month during a period of time when life is getting in the way of being fully committed to them?   I can’t.   And I know that my roller coaster ride life is detracting from my ability to be more successful with this company, but they are still there for me, still paying me and still providing so many resources for the day when I can be more focused.

I came across this post on the Beachbody Message Boards.   It really states simply and beautifully what Team Beachbody means to me:

“This is what makes BeachBody such an amazing company that makes such wonderful products. As Tony Horton says in the Master Series DVD’s. It isn’t uber-models in these workouts, they are real people like you and  me who have had to work extremely hard to get where they are now.

BeachBody is real.

The workouts are real.

The people are real.

Reality can’t get any better than that.”

Honestly I can’t imagine saying it any better than that or working for a better company than Beachbody.   I hope that some day soon, all of you will be having the same experience that I am as a coach and reaping the rewards of the fullness of that experience.

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