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How to lose 190 pounds the right way

Here’s a great story by Ron Mizutani from KHON2 Morning News in Hawaii about a resident’s remarkable weight loss using Beachbody products.

I hope that this will motivate you to lose weight the right way and not the easy way (pills, surgery, etc.) and be rewarded the way that Dallas Carter was for his determination to lose weight and change his life.

Dallas Carter has many reasons to celebrate life and ironically it was “life” that inspired him to change. His smile is contagious, his personality infectious and his problem shared by many.”I have a new outlook on life now — for so long i just kind of gave up,” said Carter.

For years Carter dealt with a weight problem. Three years ago he reached a total that grabbed his attention.

“I was about 350 pounds and that was my biggest,” he said.

But it wasn’t until the birth of his daughter that he realized it was time to change.

“I remember holding her in my arms and she was so far away from because my stomach was in the way — I mean she was out her and it just broke my heart that i couldn’t hold her close,” said Carter.

He made a decision and a committment to succeed. With the help of exercise routines from a company called Beachbody, Carter went to work in his Mililani garage.

“This is it you guys are looking at all of my equipment,” he said.

No fancy gyms, no bulky equipment, just hard work and proper nutrition. The pounds melted away. Carter documented his weight loss.

“So many people use that as a coupon to like well i lost 30 pounds let’s go party,” he said.

But he didn’t and instead doubled it again and again.

“Before you knew it I lost 190 pounds,” he said proudly. His before and after photos are mind blowing. “I’m 167 pounds now and I lost 190 pounds. My 190 pounds that I lost is splattered over my garage.”

But with success comes skeptics.

“When you lose 190 pounds — people assume you had surgery — and you know it’s really funny to see them and at first I was offended but then I just realized you know of course people think that — I’m terrified of surgery,” he said.

And questions of excess skin.

“There is a little bit of extra skin on some parts of my body but it isn’t substantial. It has to be changing the way you eat forever — not giving up all your favorite foods — trust me chocolate cookies — oh my goodness of course they’re a part of my life still.”

And so are the people who inspired him.

“Now I’m here for my daughter and my wife and any medical problems that were looming just aren’t there anymore,” said Carter. “I’m not going to die because of not taking care of myself. In all sincerity — if my story can help anyone save their life and realize that they can change their health situation –every ounce of sweat was worth it.”

As a bonus the 25-year-old Carter won 10-thousand dollars from Beachbody in the Million Dollar Body Game for his new body and now has the chance to win 250-grand.

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