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Every Body Tells a Story

Yes, I mean every body tells a story.

When someone sees you, does your face tell them that you are happy or sad, relaxed or stressed, healthy or unhealthy?

Are your shoulders back, chest out and your back straight or is your back bent over and shoulders hunched because they are bearing the weight of the world?

Do you carry your weight well or are you noticeably overweight with abdominal fat telling part of your body’s story?

Do you walk with a spring in your step and energy to spare or is every movement challenging and a shuffle has replaced your spring?

What is your body telling people about you or what conclusions are they coming to without you even speaking a word?

You can write your body’s story or you can let it speak for itself. But do you know what it is going to say?

Virtually every day, I write another page in my body’s story and it tells everyone exactly what I want it to say when someone starts reading its story.

I write that story the Team Beachbody way, because it is fun, effective and lasting. Are you writing your body’s story or just letting it speak for itself?

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