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Will you be on a spaceship to nowhere?

Or a train to somewhere? If you haven’t already seen WALL-E, it is a must see. It is a love story, a comedy and it is loaded with symbolism. If you have already seen the movie, then you know why I am asking whether you will be on a spaceship to nowhere. If you haven’t, then I will explain it to you.

WALL-E is a vision of our planet in the future and how people on earth dealt with the problems that we are creating on earth every day. Consumerism and over-consumption is filling landfills and a plan is devised to deal with the waste that begins to bury Earth. WALL-E is a Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class robot who spends his entire day collecting, compacting and storing waste.

In order to facilitate this process, everyone on Earth is loaded on luxury spaceships and sent into space until Earth is cleaned up – much like going on a luxury cruise and with the amenities of a cruise ship.

Writer-director Andrew Stanton and Pixar Studios took real life today and projected what could be. We waste a lot and we are also being burdened by an obesity epidemic they hilariously projected would continue unabated on the spacecrafts – both because of the sedentary lifestyle and the effects of zero gravity.

But there are now many of us who are determined to not let this scenario happen. We conserve, we recycle, we have raised our levels of consciousness about our planet and in our personal spheres, we are working out to stem the tide of obesity and make changes not only in our lives, but also in the lives of as many people as we can touch with our message of being fit and healthy.

As Team Beachbody Coaches, we are on a train to somewhere – that somewhere being fitness, health, weight management and optimum quality of life.

The choice is yours. You can continue with life as usual and be at the mercy of those who make decisions for us and solve our problems. The Earth will be populated with robots like WALL-E and you will be on spaceships waiting to return to Earth when they are done cleaning (did I tell you that the plan failed and WALL-E was the last robot?) or you can get on the Team Beachbody train to health and wellness.

Join as a free member to find out what I am talking about, become a Team Beachbody Club member and enjoy all of the benefits of the journey on this “train” or become a coach like I am, get your own car on the train and start filling it up with the “passengers” who are committed to not letting our Earth become what the vision of Andrew Stanton believes it will be.

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