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This weekend, Tony Horton, well known trainer and one of the creators of the now legendary P90X workout program, was in Lincoln, Nebraska and worked out with a group of 30 local children to bring his fitness message directly to them.

Fitness celeb to kids: Move, get smarter

You might have seen fitness fanatic Tony Horton’s infomercials while channel surfing late at night. But Saturday, Horton brought his message to Lincoln in person, to a group of kids.

“Kids are more sedentary and eat more junk than they used to,” he said. “It has a tremendous effect on their brains.”

About 30 kids attended Horton’s workout at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel Saturday morning, about half of them members of a local baseball team that participates in Horton’s fitness program.

Horton started working in personal training 20 years ago. Since then, he’s established himself as a recognizable face in the fitness industry by working with Hollywood celebs and selling his fitness products on TV.

His program advocates six days a week of exercise three days cardio, three days resistance or weight training at 35-minute intervals. While most of the programs target adults, Saturday, he translated his message to the younger audience.

He led the kids, ranging in ages from about 2 to 14, through a series of exercises, designed to get young people moving.

“Let’s get goofy!” he said, before leading the group in a round of play-type movements, pretend-ing to surf, pull a rope, jump on a pogo stick and soar like an airplane.

The California-based fitness aficionado said he wants to emphasize the connection between the brain and exercise, especially with kids.

“Every time you move your brain gets smarter,” he said to the group. “We need to eat like our great-grandparents did whole, clean, healthy foods.”

To read the rest of the story, please visit the Lincoln Journal Star by clicking here.

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