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What is the Team Beachbody Community?

Team Beachbody is the online fitness and weight loss club where you get results. It is a proven combination of cutting-edge fitness programs, simple-to-follow diet guidelines, effective supplements, and the most compelling peer support system ever created. Why not sign up today and get the support and incentives you need to succeed.
Join the Free Team Beachbody Community!

Your FREE membership includes:

  • Access to WOWY ®, our online SuperGymâ„¢
    Log in your workouts for the extra accountability you need to stick with your fitness regimen. Track your progress and work out with your buddies.
  • Get support from your Personal Coach
    Your Coach will give you that extra one-on-one support you need to give your all. Beachbody ® Coaches are community members dedicated to motivating, encouraging, and helping other members.
  • Connect to other members through our Message Boards
    Our members are people just like you who are committed to losing weight and living healthy lifestyles. They’ll be there for you every step of the way!
  • Get great tips from our weekly diet and fitness newsletter
    Learn how to stay healthy and fit from our experts gain insight from articles like “Give Your Metabolism a Boost” and “10 Tiny Changes for Big Weight Loss.” It’s all there!

Plus, you can win amazing rewards just for working out!
Enter your workouts in WOWY and you could win up to $1,000 or other cool rewards like iPods, DVD players, and cameras every day!

Click here to sign up today for free and become part of the Team Beachbody Wellness Revolution!

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