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Passion of the Coach

Please don’t think that this is some cheap take off on the movie, the Passion of the Christ, one of the most powerful movies that I have ever seen. It is actually the only way that I could think of to describe to you why I have been so remiss in writing in my blog. I am very passionate about what I do and that passion is increasing by the day.

From the time that I realized that I could motivate my team of BeachBody coaches the way that I motivate and guide my Team BeachBody members, I have been sending out coaching newsletters almost daily. Given the finite amount of time and energy that we all have, that means that something had to suffer and that turned out to be this blog and I apologize for that.

Unless you become one of my coaches, I wouldn’t be able to share all of these newsletters with you, but I would like to share the contents of the latest one because it is representative of the passion that I put into my profession. It is entitled, “Sense of Duty“.

Has anyone noticed that I am intensely competitive? I want my team to win. Period. But I don’t want to win to get some trophy or a trip to Hawaii or personal accolades. I want my coaches and my players – members – to win because if we win, then you are being successful and our members are winning in achieving their fitness and weight loss goals.

Yesterday, after my P90X workout, I ran over to the local school’s track to socialize with some of the other runners who use the track after school is over and track practice has finished. When I got there, I saw one of the coaches of a local youth running club and we started talking about the upcoming season. I was heartbroken to find out that although last year they had 230 kids on the team, this year, it would be by invitation only and there were far, far fewer kids who could participate. The reason – the coach was working two jobs and his coaches were working more to make ends meet, or both spouses were working and they needed to spend more time with their families and so forth. Who suffers – all of those kids who want to be able to participate, become more fit, be better runners and be winners.

We are coaches and we are leaders and we have made a commitment to the success of our players. Yes, times are tough and we could quit for the same reason that the running club coach’s fellow coaches had quit. But let me give you a perfect example of why we shouldn’t.

I saw a woman in WOWY whose screen name is 135again and you need to know her story.

“I’m a survivor of a broken neck, massive heart attack with 3 heart stents and if that wasn’t enough I’ve also survived lung cancer by having 3/4 of my right lung removed. I have 2 teenagers who are both driving on learners permit. My husband of 23 years has stood by me through thin and thick. I need to lose the 105 pounds for my family, health and myself. My mother-in-law always tells me I looked just like Princess Diana when I got married to her son. I guess it would be nice to give that bride back to my husband and be able to enjoy things with my lovely daughter and handsome son again.”

Personally, I am sick and tired of hearing about how we can’t be successful in this business because that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I also don’t know what your measure of success is but if I could find a 135again or a 155again or you could find them and they could become princesses or princes again for themselves and their families, then that would be the greatest reward of all and a perfect example of why we are doing this. I pray to God, that 135again has a good coach to help her reach her goal.

Summon the sense of duty that exists within all of us and not only will you be a winner and successful because you have sought out and helped other human beings but you will also have the greatest sense of accomplishment there is.

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