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Do You Feel Threatened by Fitness Fanatics?

I wanted to write a blog this morning entitled “Fired Up For Fitness” (which I will do) and thought that it might have been a slogan that I saw on a T-shirt. Googling allows us to find variations of every phrase that you can think of, but one of the results that I saw I found extremely disturbing. It was a blog about a documentary entitled, “Jesus Camp” by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, “that takes us to a Bible camp called Kids On Fire, where the children of evangelical Christians are indoctrinated in a militant faith that sees nonbelievers as opponents and secular government as an enemy to overthrow.” Scary, scary stuff.

It also made me think about “preaching” fitness and how threatening it might seem to some people. A lot of people are comfortable with their lifestyles and their eating habits and simply don’t want to change. And if that means that they are overweight, out of shape and potentially risking long term health consequences, so be it. I personally don’t know what to say to those people and feel that it is their right to make those choices. But fanatics, whether they be religious, health, fitness or whatever will push their message and their beliefs onto everyone and at every chance that they get.

Perhaps this is a timely lesson learned. I would never want someone to Google and find a blog that I wrote that sounded pushy or that I was in some way a fanatic about the benefits of fitness and health. My personality is much better suited to being low key and setting a good example by following what I preach. I need to make my blogs less “sermony” and more example setting. Being a role model for fitness sounds much, much better than a fitness fanatic and I will convey to you more often and in more detail what I am doing to be fit and healthy. Whether you follow my lead is up to you!

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