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A Wonderful Sight If You Are Passionate About Fitness

I was one of those personal trainers who went to a person’s home (I was just told by a friend here in Albuquerque that that is, “an East Coast thing”) and because of that had a very high success rate. My clients had appointments, I went to their home and they worked out – that means no room for excuses. Only once have I worked in a gym and that was when I first moved here 10 years ago. I really didn’t like it at all.

That was then and this is now and wanting Grace, my three year old, to have a fun fitness activity, I took her to our local gym to see what they offered. They have a class called “Mighty Mites” for 3 – 5 year olds and we went on Saturday and she loved it. That meant that Dad had to dig deep into the mine of confidence in the future and come up with the money for membership. It is and will be worth every penny as I learn more about the opportunities that the membership will provide and as Grace and I take another step in our journey through life together.

The wonderful sight that we saw this morning when we went to the gym this morning at 10:00 was a full parking lot, meaning literally hundreds of people committed to their health and fitness on the first morning of the new year. I am absolutely heartened by the will of the human spirit and body to care for itself and all of the people we saw this morning were a great testament to the strength of that will.

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