Keeping My Body Fit and Healthy with BODi

You Can Lead A Horse To Water But You Can’t Make It Drink

Based on the supposition that this “classroom” will be overflowing in no time, and given your need and desire to be fit and healthy, I will structure this course accordingly. You will be given what you need to do in order to optimize your health and fitness and it is up to you, as I have said and will continue to repeat, to put in the effort to get the results. The bottom line is that if I provide the means to an end, it is up to you whether you will slake your thirst in the pool of success…

The following is an outline of what to expect from this free online fitness class and what the requirements and expectations of the class are.

Duration: 4 Months

Class Schedule: Monday through Friday

Instructor: Richard Dafter

Cost: Free

Class Structure

Each class will consist of a “lecture”, suggested reading and questions and answers based on the articles of the week.

Each student is asked to do a workout of their choice, with a duration of their choice, each day (weekend workouts are optional). The student can choose from a list of suggested activities or do a workout that they prefer.

Students are asked to keep a daily log of their activities so that they can track their progress. This progress tracker can be the suggested progress tracker or one of your choice.  

It is suggested that students interact with each other to provide peer support and discuss issues and challenges that they are facing. This is optional and you can opt to be part of the course anonymously.

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