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No Excuse November

No Excuse November

No Excuse November is a promotion by Team Beachbody to take advantage of some of the best deals of the year on Challenge and Completion Packs.  With $20 off all Challenge and Completion Packs priced at $150 or more, there simply hasn’t been a better deal all year.

But for me, the phrase, “no excuse November” became something much more.  On Sunday, I watched the New York City Marathon and then read an article that made me really think about making excuses anytime.

I was so focused on the race and the elite runners that I didn’t give much thought to the other 50,000+ runners in the race until I read this story in Runner’s World. Because these are people with challenges and battles to fight and making excuses could be a life or death decision, they totally inspired me and made me think twice (or three times or more) about any of the insignificant excuses that I could make to not run or work out.

They Didn’t Make Excuses

Kikkan Randall New York City Marathon

Kikkan Randall

“Kikkan Randall was on top of the world after the 2018 Winter Olympics. She finished her cross-country skiing career as the first woman to win a medal for the United States in the sport. With retirement to look forward to, her possibilities were endless. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Wanting to take her diagnosis in stride, she inspired others by staying active with the help of AKTIV Against Cancer, a nonprofit created by nine-time NYC Marathon champion Grete Waitz that focuses on keeping cancer patients exercising during treatment. Randall, 36, is now cancer-free, and ran her first marathon in New York for AKTIV. She finished with a time of 2:55:12.”

Mary Kilowski New York City Marathon

Mary Kitlowski

“Mary Kitlowski has been training to cross the line at NYC for five years. When Mary was put on supplemental oxygen tanks because of a rare lung disease known as primary ciliary dyskinesia, she wanted to show that anyone in a similar condition can do anything they set their mind to.

In 2017, Kitlowski attempted NYC for the first time, but because she had been fighting an infection leading up to the race, she had to stop after mile 18. This year, she was healthy, and determined to finish. Despite having only 34-percent lung capacity, Kitlowski wants to prove that anyone can be active, even if they have to get creative in doing so.

For her race, Kitlowski wore a portable oxygen concentrator, which required battery changes every few hours. Her husband carried them alongside her as the two took on the five boroughs. She ran for the National Organization for Rare Disorders, and finished in 9:50:26.”

Marcus CookMarcus Cook New York City Marathon

Marcus Cook 

“In 2015, Marcus Cook tipped the scales at 489 pounds. After gastric bypass surgery, the 47-year-old started tackling some of the biggest challenges in endurance. His first great accomplishment came at the Ironman World Championships in 2018, which he finished in 16:51:08.

While he worked toward those bigger goals, he wanted to bring part of his former self with him. So he did so, literally, by carrying with him a cardboard cutout of himself when he weighed nearly 500 pounds. He’s brought it with him to triathlons and races, and it was on hand when he took on the five boroughs for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. He finished in 7:26:13.”

Consider the Consequences

The point is that too often we make excuses and don’t take care of ourselves the way that we should. I am not suggesting that you take up running and run a marathon. What I am saying is, let’s think first about why we should work out and eat right.  What are the benefits and what are the consequences if we don’t.  It is so easy to make excuses not to. But some people can’t because they’ve had their health taken from them.  Now these same people are driven to get it back and prove what they can still do. To read the rest of the inspiring stories in the article, click here.

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