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9/11 Remembrance
An image of remembrance from the New York Times

Today is a day of solemn remembrance of the events of September 11th, 2001.     Eleven days earlier, we had moved into our new home and I remember sitting having breakfast and watching the TV with my family on KOAT here is Albuquerque.   Being from NJ, I was always tuned into news from the New York metropolitan area and Good Morning America helped me do that.

As the events unfolded, at first it seemed like a small plane had hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center but as the morning went on, we all realized that something truly horrific was unfolding.   The events of 12 years ago today will never be forgotten.

But today also needs to be a day that we remember the lessons that we learned.   We were complacent, not paying attention, making more enemies than friends and apparently thinking that we were not vulnerable on our own shores.   We were and we learned many lessons that day and in the days, weeks and months to come.

Is our country safer now?   Yes, I believe very much so in fact.   If the NSA wants to listen to my phone conversations, read my texts, read my emails and watch what I am doing, I’m just fine with that because I’m not writing, saying or doing anything that would arouse their attention.

But are we stronger?   No, I actually think that we are weaker.   Our national debt is greater, our military is hamstrung finding acceptable recruits and our national health crisis threatens to ruin our economy.

I am personally disappointed that we are not more physically and mentally prepared as citizens of the United States to defend our shores.   Our obesity epidemic has grown, health consequences of obesity like diabetes are at epidemic proportions and even military recruitment grapples with the consequences of it.

Years ago, we saw commercials for an Army of One and now each of us needs to be an army of one, working on our health, our fitness, making positive lifestyle choices and becoming leaders in our families, neighborhoods, workplaces and places of worship, to name just a few.

Can you do it?   I’m almost 63 and I can do it.   Why can’t you?   Honestly, do you think that history won’t repeat itself?   Do you think that our enemies, and they are many, are just going to give up or go away?   What are you doing today and every day to be more prepared for tomorrow and the next 9/11?


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