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Is Your Football Team Making You Fat?

Is Your Favorite Team Making You Fat?Nothing like an exciting game which your team is winning, but if your team loses, it could be bad for your waistline.   The post below is from the Team Beachbody Message Boards, a great source of advice on everything Beachbody and more!

“Cheering for your favorite football team this weekend? You might have more riding on the game than you think.

A study published in the the journal, Psychological Science, reports that on the Monday following a football game, fans of losing teams ate about 16% more saturated fat and sugar than usual, and 10% more calories. Fans of winning teams, on the other hand, ate about 9% less saturated fat than they normally would. When games were very close, or the loss was unexpected, these trends were even more noticeable.

May the best team win. But if that’s not your team this week, don’t bury your face in a platter of hot wings. If you’re feeling down, try thinking about a more positive time in your life (like when your team won!). It might seem silly, but those same researchers found that people who thought about a time when their team won were more likely to choose grapes and tomatoes over chips and candy.

Pro tip? Stock up your fridge with healthy snack foods before the game…just in case.”

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