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Happily Married and Fat?

Before doing P90X I was completely miserable. I was 25 years old, stood 5′ 7”, had high cholesterol, and weighed in at 225 pounds. With those stats, I wasn’t fat, I was obese. I knew I needed to workout but kept putting it off until tomorrow. And when “tomorrow” finally did arrive, I’d exercise for a few days but within no time I was right back on the couch playing video games, gorging on chips and chocolate chip cookies. I even tried to convince myself that it was okay to be overweight; I was happily married and fat is just how people are these days. That’s when I knew I had a problem.

I kicked off my transformation with P90X and found incredible success. But if it wasn’t for Coach Wayne and the support I received through him and my Challenge Group, there’s no way I would have stuck with the program. They held me accountable every single day and kept me going when times got tough.

Then for Christmas my family gave me P90X2, which was the best gift they could ever give me. Not only did the workouts train me like an athlete, every time I was on the verge of giving up, Tony Horton would crack a corny joke or spout off some motivating line that made me dig deeper. Plus, I loved X2’s moves and its element of instability, which really developed my core while strengthening my weak spots.

My proudest moment was when I could finally do pull-ups without a chair or the chin-up max assist band. When I first began my journey I couldn’t do a single pull-up, but when I was finally able to keep up with Tony and the gang during Base & Back, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell my wife when she got home. In that moment, I finally started feeling confident about myself. If I could complete P90X2 workouts, I could do anything!!!

But I can’t attribute my entire transformation to hard work and sweat alone, Shakeology had a LOT to do with it as well. Shakeology made me feel strong, lean, and kept me satisfied throughout the day. It also helped lower my cholesterol tremendously. My Dr. never did bring up putting me on cholesterol meds ever again, instead he was completely curious as to how I lost all that weight.

Now a days, I’m no longer obsessed with pant sizes or numbers on the scale, instead I care more about feeling great and never losing this sense of being on top of the mountain. I know that if I continue to work hard, drink Shakeology, and eat clean healthy foods, that I’ll remain strong, healthy, and happy. I’m most thankful for Coach Wayne’s support, Tony Horton’s unique attitude, and these success stories. They just made the entire journey so enjoyable. Today, fitness is no longer a chore; it’s just a part of my life like brushing my teeth or taking a shower.

Gaston was miserable at 25

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