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Form, Form, FORM is Everything

I was thinking when I was running this morning that form is everything when you want to be efficient, conserve energy and lessen your chance of injury.   I’ve heard that poor swimmers, for example burn way more calories than good swimmers.   Makes sense, right?   Running with good form means that you will finish strong in a training run or race.

Form is also important in strength training and again, when you use good form, you get the most out of each individual exercise and you lessen your chances of getting injured.   When your form starts to deteriorate, then you need to stop or go to a lighter weight.

Form is also important when we talk to other people and share with them our passions.   It is as if a barrier goes up when someone says, “Hey, do you want to buy _____________ from me”, even if it is the best product on the planet.   When you are passionate about something you still have to follow good FORM.   Instead of talking to someone, you listen to them.   I always want to know about their families first anyway and then if they want to tell me about their jobs and what they do, that is great, too.   Then, of course, I am all ears if they start talking about working out because then they are speaking my language or if they start talking about running or other sports that they do.   I’ll even listen to them talk about their favorite professional teams because even though I don’t watch sports myself, I mentally keep track of college football and pro football and what’s going on in baseball and the World Series.

Only after I listen about Family, Occupation and Recreation do I even think about sharing my Message.   That message will always involve family, occupation and recreation anyway.   Team Beachbody is a community of people all working together to be healthier, more fit and better role models for our families.   Team Beachbody is also a great way to increase our income and eventually work   toward financial freedom.   Team Beachbody has the best products to optimize your health and fitness and make you a better athlete.   And last but not least is the overall message that we want to share with everyone that we are totally committed to ending the trend of obesity and making America strong again.

Form is everything…



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