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Insanity Week 2 Done! Getting a little closer to the Asylum!

My husband and I just finished week 2 of Insanity! Yay! We start our next Fit Test on Monday and I can’t wait to see if there are improvements. I can already see improvements with my husband’s form, flexibility and coordination.

We’re making our way to the Asylum!! Its recommended that you complete Insanity before moving into the Asylum, so we will be there in the late spring or early summer.

My area of concern is push ups. I was always pretty good at them with P90X, but the fast pace of Insanity’s push ups has me feeling weak with these.   I know this will improve, but right now its a little annoying. So I just modify where I have to and go a little slower.

I’m really excited that my husband is doing this with me. He was always a gym guy who wasn’t really into change. I spent an entire year gently hinting at the benefits of a home workout routine. But now he’s hooked and I guess an Insanic with me.

I will post my Fit Test Results on Monday. Have a great Saturday!!

Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how you’re doing on your fitness journey.

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