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10 Time Savers to Help You Find Time to Exercise

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now.   But didn’t have the time LOL!   Seriously, I get so many people who tell me they really want to get in shape, but the number one excuse is not having the time. 

Of course I feel that you should always make time to take care of your body.   But I know that a few of you out there still think its better to have a spotless sink, or a squeaky clean floor  than a healthy body.

So here are some tricks that I use in order to find time to exercise.   Look, I have 4 kids and a husband that has a crazy schedule.   So if I can find the time, I think you might be able to as well.

  1. Keep a daily goals list/to-do list and place exercise on that list.   I noticed if I don’t have a list, things don’t get done.   I forget about it.   But lately I’ve made coming up with a list the night before a priority.   everything goes on the list.   Including exercise.
  2. Meal plan for the week.   It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but if you have a good idea of what meals you’re making for the week, this helps save time and money.   A great place to find healthy meal plans is at Team Beachbody.   You can click here to sign up. For $2.99 per week you can get meal plans for the week and shopping lists too.
  3. Buy in bulk when you can.   Nothing takes up more time than going to the store for a missing item, whether that is toilet paper or chicken breasts.   You can save money too by doing this.
  4. Cook in bulk.   Grill up a few pounds of chicken breast or veggies.   Cook a big batch of sauce in the crock pot.   Refrigerate or freeze in good containers.   You can just heat up and add a side dish, or use it on top of salads or in sandwiches and wraps.
  5. If your local food market offers it, take advantage of shop from home services.   There is a fee for this, but I have found I actually save money because I don’t impulse buy, I sick to my list.  Plus it shaves off at least an hour.
  6. Invest in tools that help speed up your daily chores.   If you can afford it, its worth purchasing certain time saving items.   I love my Shark Steam Mop.   I can clean my floors in under 20 minutes.   And I have a lot of hardwood and tile.
  7. Enlist help from your kids.   You don’t need to do everything for your kids.   Have them clean their own rooms and make their own beds.   Ask them to help with dinner and clean up.   Have  the older ones  help get little ones ready. Team work can make things go much quicker.
  8. Drink a protein drink or smoothie.   If you’re starving and don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking or preparing something, whip up a protein smoothie.   I love Shakeology because at my lunch time Alexa is usually ready for her nap.   So I don’t have time to think of something to eat.   I just whip up a quick chocolate shake and know I’m getting a really healthy meal.
  9. Use a workout system that works.   It can take a lot of time getting back and forth to the gym, checking kids into babysitting, and trying to figure out what you should do.   Plus you can save a lot of money working out at home as opposed to having a gym membership that might be going to waste because its a hassle to get there.   If you need help picking a good workout system out click here
  10. Its okay to let your bed stay unmade for a day.   Its actually good to air it out.   Also, multitask when you can.   Fold laundry and catch up on important phone calls.   Or play with your kids while exercising.   Have them join you.   I’m planning on having my boys do the cardio only dvds of P90X with me this summer.   It will be a great way to bond with them, and they will get moving instead of sitting on the couch playing Wii.

Not all of these tips may be for you.   Pick and choose which ones you could incorporate into your life.   Investing time to exercise and eat right is one of the best investments you can make.   Don’t wait, just start pushing play now.

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