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Why Eric Haitz Signed Up to Be a Team Beachbody Coach

“I signed up for Team Beachbody mainly as a commitment to a new me (though the discounts are nice…).   For years I’ve been just packing on the fat. Then a couple of years ago I had knee surgery which was a great excuse for why I couldn’t do even the little bit of exercise I had been doing before.   To top it off I had some major life changing events happen early last year including the loss of both parents which really put me in a tailspin.

Late last year a friend of mine was talking to me about Insanity and I saw the infomercial but wasn’t sure if I could do any of the exercises on it.   My friend got it for me anyway but it really is just a little too advanced for where I am at this point.

When I signed up for Team Beachbody I got Hip Hop Abs which I’m hoping will be a little easier way to get rid of some of this weight (along with the Shakeology and the Meal Plans).   Once I lose some of the weight I would really like to hit insanity hard and just totally transform my body and life to become a walking billboard for both what you can do when you put your mind to it and what the Beachbody products are capable of doing if you let them .

I believe by committing myself to my financial future with Team Beachbody will also give me that extra bit of motivation I’ve been lacking over the last few years to really push myself to new levels and get the body that I know I can have.

I looked at a few different coaches before I found your website.   I really liked the way your site was laid out and how it had other resources to help people not just get the referral.   I guess most of the sites were more of a “hey sign up with me and you can get referrals through my links” and yours actually lists the team coaches and makes it more of a real team which I would much rather be apart of a team over just being a link. 🙂

So thanks for having me :)”

Eric has one of the best “Why’s” I have ever read.   He signed up today as my newest Team Beachbody Coach.   He is setting up his profile and you can view it here as he begins his journey with Team Beachbody.   My sense it that he will soon be a very positive influence on all of us with his success.

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