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Are You Still Waiting for a Life Changing Moment?

True story.   I was a personal trainer for years in NJ and I would like to tell you about one of my most memorable clients.   His name was John (no, that wasn’t his real name) and he was an obese chain smoker before I met him.   He was so addicted to food, that he would get up in the middle of the night looking for something to eat and if that meant chipping away at a frozen dessert, he would.   On his way home from work, he would stop and eat 6 Sabrett’s hot dogs from street vendors.   I could go on, but I think that you get the picture.

John had a life changing moment, though, just before Christmas one year.   He was walking upstairs to go to bed and he started spitting up blood in the bathroom sink.   He spent four days in the hospital undergoing tests and from that moment on, he quit smoking cold turkey.   He began to regain control of his eating compulsions and adopted a healthy diet.   He also got a personal trainer to help him to get fit and even began running.

The tragic earthquake in Haiti was undoubtedly the most life changing moment for most Haitians.   It was life changing for me, too, as I realized how important it is for the able bodied to work as hard as they can, when they can.   Not just to make money for money’s sake but to be prepared for life changing moments and to be able to give generously to those much less fortunate than us.

Will you experience a life threatening, life changing moment like “John” did before you decide to start losing weight, making positive lifestyle choices and making your health a priority.   Charles Caleb Colton says, “True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.”

Are you losing your health or have you lost it already?   How far are you going to let yourself go?   The farther you go away from optimal health, the harder it will be to come back.   Why take that chance?   I say that the promised land of health and fitness can be found by a simple click of your mouse.   You know already that I have spent 15 years of my life developing, refining and improving a health and fitness website that can get you healthy and keep you healthy.

Before you have a tragic or life altering health episode, why not start today by changing your health and changing your life.   It could be as simple as clicking here

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