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The Journey

I am always thrilled to be able to fellowship with so many members and to be able to answer questions, provide advice and motivate in words and by example. This morning was no exception and I got an email that was typical of so many, that I wanted to share it with you. The subject line of the email was, “New Member!” and it said, “I just started P90X last week and am very excited so far. I am now one week in and although I can’t do all of the exercises at this point, I’m looking forward to the challenge . I have to admit, though, that I was hoping to see some weight loss this week. Even though I was a little disappointed in that,
I’m still going to trudge forward and hope for the best in week 2.”

Where it says, “P90X”, you can substitute any number of Beachbody workout DVD’s, because it is not the workout that is creating the disappointment, but the expectation of immediate results based on losing weight. Here’s my response: “Yes, this is a journey and an exciting one with great “sights” along the way – clothes fitting better, more energy, better mood, more confidence, feeling empowered, etc. Those etceteras are weight loss, more strength and better endurance, but they come in time. Those aren’t the first things that you will see.

You just ended a journey that got you to 165 pounds and you saw a lot of “sights” on that journey. You can’t expect to work out for one week and start reversing what you have done to your body. You need to give it time and appreciate the things that I mentioned above.

Please read Chalene’s Johnson’s blog about how some people, in fact many people, myself included, actually gained weight with an exercise program (each time I start P90X or when I did ChaLEAN Extreme, I gained some weight at first). It is entitled, “Why Do Some People Gain Weight When Starting an Exercise Program” and if you didn’t gain weight, then that is a very good thing.”

Our lifetimes are a journey with a destination based on our belief systems. Within the journey of life are, for want of better words, adventures and misadventures. The misadventures are paths that we take that ultimately have negative outcomes and consequences. Many are obvious and don’t need to be stated, the one appropriate to this article is the misadventure of neglecting regular exercise, eating poorly and not making positive lifestyle choices. In this case, the misadventure ended at 165 pounds or it could have been 225 pounds or more. The misadventure didn’t last weeks or months, but probably years and people on it seem to be oblivious to where they “are”.

The adventure begins with a decision to change and a commitment to act and the destination is succeeding in reaching and maintaining optimum health, fitness and ideal weight. The first step of the adventure is in the mind, the next step is in the heart and the third is putting a plan into action. There are many, many more
“steps” that have to be taken before you can totally reverse the effects of the misadventure that got you to where you are now. What keeps you going, as I said, are all of the “sights” along the way – clothes fitting better, more energy, better mood, more confidence, feeling empowered and so forth. They are all motivating until you start seeing real weight loss, greater strength and more endurance. Let’s face it, if you gained 20 pounds, 50 pounds or more or saw your fitness decline and your health become not as good as it once was,
those are not pretty “sights” from your misadventure.

Be patient. Focus on the positive and if you tried and failed with a workout program, give it another try. Focusing too much on losing weight, which takes time, and not appreciating what you were accomplishing in the beginning is a missed opportunity to feel successful.

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