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I’m interested in becoming a Team Beachbody coach

As one of the first Independent Team Beachbody coaches and now a full time coach with over 20 fellow coaches that I work with, I often get emails with the subject line, “I’m interested in becoming a coach”.   Every answer is in response to a number of questions that are in the email, but I wrote a response this morning that really encapsulates the “Why” for becoming a Team Beachbody coach.   Here is that response:

“Mary, let me start out by asking you a question, which is, why do you want to become a coach?   A Team Beachbody Coach is first and foremost committed to their own health and fitness so that they can become role models for every one around them.   Then they must be committed to helping those very same people to follow in their footsteps and to see and feel the value that regular exercise, eating nutritiously and making positive lifestyle choices can have on their quality of life.   Are you still interested?

When you successfully use one of the Team Beachbody workout DVD’s or nutritional products people around you will notice.   When they do, you can say, “Well, I’ve been using ChaLEAN Extreme (or Hip Hop Abs or P90X) and I love it”.   When they go to your fitness website, which has its own complete Team Beachbody store to buy it so that they can look as good as you, you get a 20% commission.

Membership in the Team Beachbody Club, which is the largest, most effective online fitness club and online gym on the Internet, is just $2.99 a week, $12.86 a month or $38.87 for three months (which is how often you are billed).   When you tell someone how much the Team Beachbody Club has helped you learn about health and fitness and feel great and how you love working out in WOWY with hundreds of other people without ever leaving your house, they will want to join.   You get a $19.44 commission then and every three months after that as long as they are a member.

If you can’t get two people to be coaches and you are working out and feeling great and have lots of energy and zest for life, well, you are still a coach, you still have your fitness store where people can buy products or join the Club 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you are still making money.

To me, paying $39.95 to get a Coach Information Kit with ideas on how to create and grow your business and an online fitness store that is immediately up and running is the best investment that I have ever made.   Paying $14.95 a month every month after that so that I can promote health and fitness and make money doing it is about as noble a career as one can have because it gives you the opportunity to change people’s lives and improve their quality of life for the rest of their lives.

Mary, let me finish by asking another question, which is, why wouldn’t you become a Team Beachbody coach?”


Richard Dafter
Determined to Help You Improve Your Fitness and Improve Your Life!
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
866 797-7336
505 797-7336

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