Get Fit and Healthy with BODi Fitness and Nutrition Programs
Get Fit and Healthy with BODi Fitness and Nutrition Programs

Motivate the Team Beachbody Coach Contest

Most of you have figured out by now that I work out virtually every day thanks to the fact the I have successfully recovered from a chronic illness that took away my confidence in my health.   The new found confidence that I have in my health came as a direct result of having a full time, low stress job as a Team Beachbody coach and following my passion for helping other people.   Even with two children – Grace who is four and Carly who is two – that go to preschool a couple of days a week and are around other children all the time, I have successfully been able to stay healthy when they are picking up the occasional cold, etc.

My workouts now, however, are running six or seven days a week at the end of a 12 hour day that consists of a few hours of work as a coach and at least 8 hours spent with my two adorable children playing and doing fun things.   Having been a runner for 42 years, I can always muster the energy to go out and run, but I know in my heart, mind and body that I should also be doing strength training 3 times a week.   I am a devotee of Tony Horton’s workout DVD’s and have P90X, 10 Minute Trainer and Power 90 and love doing them.   But since I have become a full time work at home dad, my motivation to come back from a run and do a strength training workout a few times a week has been lacking (okay, absent).

So I thought to myself, why not have a contest where I offer a prize to the person who can motivate me to do a strength training workout 3 times a week each month.   Sounds like a win-win plan to me!   Here are the details:

1.   You can’t be a Team Beachbody Coach unless you are part of my team of coaches.

2.   You can’t be a Team Beachbody Community Member or Club member unless you are part of my team.

3.   You can email me at or you can send me a WOWY invitation or you can call me at 866 797-7336 (local in New Mexico is 505 797-7336).

4. The person who wins is the person who motivates me 12 or more times each month and the prize is a full, three month Team Beachbody Club membership valued at $38.87 and, of course, gets me as their Team Beachbody coach

The December contest starts tomorrow, so I had better start getting some emails, invitations and calls starting tomorrow!

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