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My life has revolved around sports and fitness for over 45 years. In many ways, that has put blinders on me in the ways that I experience the world. I am narrow minded in terms of what I eat and in terms of how I take care of my body, but that, it turns out, seems rather unrealistic in today’s world.

Sunday evening, I had to go to the local Walgreens for batteries for Grace’s new potty (yes, these days they have to sing songs and do a myriad of other things). On the flashing sign outside of the Walgreens, it said, “Happy Easter” and then the words in bright red words changed to “Bud Light 30 pack $22.99”. Is beer a hot seller now on Easter Sunday or was that just a poor choice of sequence in their advertising?

Next door at the McDonald’s there was no line at the drive up, but only because it was closed. Maybe McDonald’s closes on Easter because more people drink Bud Light than eat Big Macs. If I didn’t have such a narrow focus on health and fitness, then I would probably know these things, but I don’t. I don’t drink, I don’t eat fast food and actually, just before I went to Walgreen’s, I had done Yoga X, making me even more weird.

So what’s my point? I have been creating a theme each week for my blog and newsletter with health and fitness themes that I could think of that were important to me, but now I realize that with my tunnel vision, I was missing a lot of topics that people are really thinking about. So instead of themes like positive thinking or motivation or time management, I need to direct my readers to the topics and themes that are on the minds of most people.

Now my blog will not just have ideas gleaned solely from resources in my “tunnel”, but instead, I will now direct you to the health and fitness news headlines that are impacting your everyday lives. By doing so, I believe that I will enhance your knowledge so much more – and mine too.

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