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Daily Wellness Journal – Day 3

My Daily Wellness Journal brings together information, resources, and events on my health, fitness, and positive lifestyle journey. For me, daily wellness consists of personal development, proper nourishment, performance supplements, and working out. I am currently running 6 – 7 days a week and doing the rest of my workouts in Beachbody On Demand as time permits (while raising two teenage daughters on my own). My current workout program is Job 1 with Jennifer Jacobs

Personal Development

Read Day 263 of Billy Graham’s “Day By Day Devotional” in the YouVersion app

Read Day 297 in the Bible Project “One Story That Leads to Jesus” Bible reading plan

Listened to Joel Osteen’s message, “I Still Believe


Every morning, I drink Beachbody Performance Energize whether I am working out or not. Every day, I drink Shakeology and today’s shake is Plant-Based Tropical Strawberry.

I don’t get paid to drink Shakeology but I do get a 25% discount as a Team Beachbody Coach. I have been drinking it just about every day since March 2oth 2009. I drink it because of the ingredients and the quality of the ingredients.

Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Ingredients

Because I eat a plant-based diet, on a daily basis, I take sublingual B12 from Trader Joe’s. Every other day, I take zinc with vitamin C from Whole Foods and a Nature Made iron tablet.

Beginning on June 22nd, I started taking St. John’s Wort before I start my day, ashwagandha before running and rhodiola after running followed by holy basil and nettle later. I started this routine after reading the article “Herbs to Maximize Your Athletic Performance“.


Today’s Elite HRV app reading using the Polar H10 transmitter: 7


Running workout with the Polar Vantage V: 27:00 run near my house. I woke up and checked the Weather Channel app and it said thunderstorms and the possibility of heavy downpours at 8:00, so I knew that I had to get out the door and do something before then. I decided on just doing some “speed work” on the street by my house and did 800’s and 400’s. It has a high wall along the sidewalk in most places in the half mile out and back that I did (so that I wouldn’t be the highest object) and I got in just enough of a workout before it started to pour as I finished.



Resting heart rate: 60 (because the pacemaker is set to not go below 60)
Weight: 143

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