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Save a Bundle with a Bundle!

You can save a bundle with fitness and nutrition bundles, and get a complete solution with support, motivation, guidance, and accountability from a coach.  When I saw the headline, “Gym Chains Wrestle With Debt Even as Fitness Industry Is Growing” on on Monday, I knew that I had to share that again right away.

Alexandra in the article is an executive in New York.  She says that she doesn’t mind paying more for fitness because it lifts her spirits. On top of $70 a month for a gym membership, she says she spends about $36 a class for SoulCycle.

Not including transportation (or time walking) to and from the gym, if she takes one SoulCycle class a week, her monthly total is $214.00 for her membership and four cardio workouts.

By comparison, she could work out at home with her spouse, family, friend or friends or even her kids if she chose a Beachbody On Demand membership. The annual Beachbody On Demand membership is $99.00 and that includes full streaming access to over 700 Beachbody workouts, with workout guides and calendars plus nutrition guides, meal plans, recipes, etc. Her annual membership also includes a personal coach for motivation, guidance, and accountability.

How Alexandra Can Save a Bundle with the Fitness and Nutrition Bundles

If she chose the Annual Beachbody On Demand and Shakeology Challenge Pack, she would spend $160.00. In addition to the annual BOD membership, she would get a one months supply of Shakeology which would fuel her workouts, nourish her body and curb her cravings. Those three things would help her to lose weight or maintain an ideal weight.

After that, she can buy Shakeology each month at $129.95 a bag for a 30 day supply. Or if she chooses to get the business membership, it would be about $113.50 a month. If you decide to drink Shakeology to replace one meal a day and get the automated shipping and pay just $2.00 shipping, the cost of that meal would be about $3.75.

Clearly, Alexandra could be lifting her spirits, getting full cardio, strength and flexibility workouts, nourishing her body and getting free coaching for a whole lot less than what she is paying now.

What would you do? You can try the Challenge Pack with a 30-day money-back guarantee by clicking here.   When I started as a coach, there weren’t Challenge Packs but had there been, it would have been my choice to get started.  On top of all the money you save, I could have saved an additional $39.95 on the Coach sign up.  I didn’t know what I was signing up for back then, but I know now that it gave me the opportunity to be a full-time work from home Dad.  You can learn more about the opportunity and read my story here.

Save a Bundle with a Bundle

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