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Finding Your Ultra

A number of years ago, I read “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll.  I had just finished reading “Eat and Run” by Scott Jurek and wanted another book about an ultra athlete who competes and thrives on a plant based diet.  The books and the authors were both instrumental in me adopting a plant based diet and staying with it all these years.

Scott Jurek was an accomplished runner in college who wanted an edge.  He started cutting meat out of his diet and then eventually became completely vegan.  His decision helped him become one of the greatest ultrarunners of all time.

Rich Roll on the other hand was a great swimmer at Stanford who gradually gravitated to drugs and alcohol and the unhealthy lifestyle of a corporate lawyer.  Just before his 39th birthday and 50 pounds overweight, he was walking up a flight of stairs and felt as if he was going to have a heart attack.  His journey to adopting a plant based diet was born out of the pain he was feeling from his very bad lifestyle choices.

The reason that I am sharing these two books and individuals with you is that you may want to go to the next level in your sport or in your fitness or in your weight loss.  You may struggle with an addiction and need a light to lead the way to being the person you really want to be and not the one that you have become.

Scott Jurek is 43 and still running well.  Rich Roll is 50 and about to compete in the Swimrun World Championships in  Ã–TILLÖ in September.

Maybe you would aspire to doing an ultra or a marathon if you had the health and energy to do it.  But maybe your “ultra” involves doing something that will give you a sense of accomplishment and the happiness that has been absent from your life.  Something that you can do again and again.

Here are some Rich Roll before and after photos from his Facebook page.

You know what your before is.  What do you want your after to be?  Tell me how I can help you get there.  [wpforms id=”4065″]

Rich Roll Before and After Photos


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