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It was 9 years ago when I became a Team Beachbody Coach and I didn’t, nor did anyone else, know what we were doing. I just saw an opportunity to help a lot of people get healthier and fitter by working out at home. My part was to guide, motivate and keep accountable the people that I helped. What I didn’t see as a business back then has become a lifestyle for my whole family and we have benefited in every way. We are healthier and fitter because of what Beachbody products have done for us and our children have had two parents at home their whole lives. That in and of itself is incentive enough to find out what taking being a Team Beachbody coach seriously, can mean in the long term.

If you need an incentive to get started, let me put it this way.

If you were having a baby and Target offered you a 25% discount on all of their baby products if you joined their discount program and paid just $15.95 a month, would you do it? Of course. When you save 25% on every purchase, it makes total sense to you and to them. For Target, you will be shopping there, using their products and sharing about what a great deal it is. For you, every time someone else joins the program because you suggested it and you get a 20% commission on what they bought, it makes total sense.

What if Lowe’s or Home Depot did the same thing? Would you join the program?

What if your favorite health food store did it or your favorite grocery store? Would you join the program?

What if you wanted to get healthier and fitter or your body needed an extreme makeover and Beachbody did it?  Would you join the program?

Joining the Team Beachbody discount program is exactly that – an offer to get a 25% discount on all Beachbody products with an opportunity to make a 20% commission if someone you told about a product buys it or joins the program. You aren’t selling anything – just telling people that you like getting a 25% discount on something that you are using and benefiting from.

Are you ready to take the offer to have this opportunity to save 25% on everything you need to get healthier and fitter or for an extreme makeover?

If you are, you can click here to learn more –


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