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7 1/2 Years

Almost 7 1/2 years ago, I started drinking Shakeology. Last week, I went for a wellness check requested by my Medicare provider (I’m 65). At the appointment, the woman said that she is used to seeing very sick people and as part of the appointment, I was even given power of attorney papers that I am supposed to fill out in case I can’t run my life anymore I suppose.
After the appointment, during which I was treated much like a mutant because my health is so much different than most people at 65 (no prescription medications whatsoever or over the counter medications, I’m still running and working out 7 days a week, etc.), I had blood tests done.
Those blood tests were perfect. Do you think that maybe Shakeology has something to do with that? I eat no meat, poultry or seafood whatsoever and mostly a plant based diet since having done the Ultimate Reset in April 2012 and I am sure that helps. But do you think that maybe, just maybe there is a link between starting drinking Shakeology on March 20th, 2009 (click here for my blog post from that day) and the good health that I am experiencing now?
Consider my testimony when you are trying to decide whether you can afford the $4.75 a day that you would spend buying it (I am factoring in tax and $2.00 shipping on Home Direct to come up with that total). Can you put a price on good health or a value on being able to experience the quality of life that I do? Health is wealth and there is wealth in health if you lead the way by setting the example.
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