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After struggling with her weight her entire life and auditioning for The Biggest Loser and not making the cut, Jessica took her health and fitness into her own hands and lost well over 100 lbs on her own with Chalene Johnson’s fat blasting programs Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme.

I have struggled with my weight since the 3rd grade. I spent my childhood finding comfort in anything sweet as a way of coping with the suffering I had from being teased and having a rough home life.  I was at my heaviest before having kids.  I gained 50-lbs with my pregnancy and wore a size 22 after having my son. I’d lost 15-lbs after he was born, but before I could start a routine, I got pregnant again. Luckily, I only gained 8-lbs with that pregnancy. Though I will say, it was an eye-opener to have my doctor tell me during my pregnancy that I could starve and my baby would be fine because I had enough extra fat to sustain for both of us.

After my 2nd child was born, I wore a size 20/22 and was miserable. I had no energy, walking up stairs left me breathless and gasping for air, not to mention being moody all the time and depressed. Despite having 2 babies, who were my sole joy in life, I felt unfulfilled. I was isolated from my family and friends, I didn’t want people to see me, I was embarrassed to leave the house… life was very lonely. A few years later, I sent an audition tape and application to the Biggest Loser. I met 2 of their casting directors and had an on-camera interview with them. One director told me I was a “bombshell,” which gave me a rush that I had not felt before. It was a compliment like none other and it was so much more than being the girl with “the pretty face.” I was instructed to record another video with specific areas of my life, but ultimately didn’t make the final cut (obviously). It was a turning point for me…a realization… I HAD to do it on my own.

I was up to 261-lbs and a size 22 when I finally took the first step. I started by using my portable DVD player and various Biggest Loser workout dvd’s in a small room at work over my lunch breaks. A few months later, I talked a friend into “wogging” (walk/jog) with me on the trail outside of our work over lunch. I’d lost a few inches but nothing definitive size-wise. After five months or so, my friend told me she’d received ChaLEAN Extreme. I had never heard of it and figured it was a single workout dvd. I was shocked when I learned it was a program! And even better was that I loved strength training. I started following the program late August 2010. I was 6 weeks in when I tried the bonus Turbo Jam Fat Blaster workout on the Burn it Off/Recharge disc. My first Turbo experience and I HAD to have more ASAP! It was so much fun and I loved the high from it.

A few   weeks later, I got TurboFire. Despite losing 16-lbs in 2 months with just ChaLEAN Extreme, I decided to restart the program so that I could do both programs together.   October 2010-I followed the TurboFire schedule and did ChaLean Extreme 3 days per week. I could not believe how fast the inches melted off!!! I lost consistently, month after month. I was down to a size 14 by Christmas, just 2.5 months later! Also, I learned about Shakeology in November 2010 and started having a shake daily beginning in January 2011. I cannot say enough great things about Shakeology. It has given me energy and curbed cravings that otherwise would overpower me. Once I finished my first 90 days of both programs, I started over. I was going to be in a wedding May 2011, so I bought my dress 2 sizes smaller (a size 10) for motivation. My goal was to fit into it by St.Patrick’s Day and sure enough, it zipped right up! By the wedding, it was too big. I was 106-lbs lighter and down to my goal size 8, comfortably, by June 2011.

After reaching my goal, I’d planned to keep following both programs as I had been doing. I was a few weeks in when I ran a 5K on a Sunday (my otherwise REST day).   The next morning I got up to do HIIT 15 and Burn 1, only to land wrong on the last jump of the HIIT workout, tearing my ACL in the process. I was set to get certified to be a Turbo instructor 3 weeks out but couldn’t pivot because of my knee. I had surgery to repair it since my doctor told me if I didn’t, I’d never be able to do my current workouts again. I was DEVASTATED. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I’d be heartbroken over not being able to work out. I was terrified of gaining a lot of weight back post-op, but vowed to do my workouts regardless. I modified every routine to make it work for me. This included doing only upper body strength training during ChaLEAN Extreme. When the program was doing lower body, I’d do ab… anything to work areas I COULD use, and I did Turbo SITTING DOWN! I couldn’t jump or kick for a while, but I could punch like a madwoman! It was still an intense workout and I got a great burn just the same.

After surgery, I went through 4 months of physical therapy and once I got the go ahead to pivot, I was back to kicking and doing full routines. Despite my concerns, I actually lost a few pounds during recovery. I learned that I need to listen to my body and that rest is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am now a Certified Turbo Instructor and continue to follow both programs. I am continually amazed at how fit I am anaerobically (thanks to HIIT workouts) and I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. Beachbody has changed my life…not just physically, but all other areas of my life. I am happy, confident, self-assured and outgoing for the first time in my life! I am a better mother to my children and am always striving to be more…to do more… to continue to grow. It is an honor to inspire people and provide motivation whether as a Beachbody Coach, or a random person who works in the same building as me. I now know why God put me on this journey… and I am elated to say that I love me, FINALLY!

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