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Accidentally Vegan with the Ultimate Reset!

Did you ever do a 360? We all do at times, but I recently did one with the way I eat! I tried the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, which when I first heard about it in January I had no intention of doing. But we all know how weird life is…the more I started hearing about it and then started hearing results from the test group I was hooked. Well during the Reset you gradually go vegan over the span of 21 days. That made me a little nervous!!! Vegan??? I really never wanted to go into that territory! I remember at my sister’s wedding back in 1997 there were two vegans there. yeah, they came dressed in “Jesus sandals” and looking all pale and raggedy, kind of like Dead Heads (no offense). They even brought their own food with them. It was all green & mushy looking in Tupperware…geez!

Its not like I didn’t know any vegans who didn’t fit this description. I know a few on FB, but I always thought it was way too much for me. And that image from my sister’s wedding…it just wouldn’t leave my mind!

So what a shocker to me!! I actually enjoyed all the vegan recipes from the Ultimate Reset! And to my surprise I felt really great too! Its been 2 weeks (going on 3) that I ended the Reset. I wound up losing 9 lbs during the reset and then lost an additional 3 lbs the week after (went from 130 to 118). I am continuing to eat vegan and clean vegan at to boot! No coffee, no alcohol, lots of water. I have been drinking a half serving of Tropical Shakeology since its vegan. Right now I have no desire to go back to eating any animal products.

Chick pea Tikka Masala with roasted veggies & fresh corn on the cob! Yum!

I actually enjoy cooking more! Its fun experimenting with new recipes and using all the gadgets in my kitchen! And I gotta be totally honest with you, I hate handling raw meat and chicken – bleh! And I just hated the whole process of cleaning it, and cutting it and then making sure everything was cleaned…sorry, I don’t want to get back into that. And eggs…I really hate cracking eggs and getting egg white on my fingers! I have been cooking since I was 8 years old, but these are the things that always kind of grossed me out.

Overnight oats & chia seeds with fresh berries – my new favorite breakfast! Move out of the way eggs!!

I like the way I feel and look! I love that my clothes fit a little looser. I hate tight clothing when it digs in and hurts!!! My skin looks really good too! No breakouts during “that time!”

Look! Clear Skin!!

So as of now, I have accidentally become a vegan! A vegan who works out and who eats clean (not eating vegan junk food!). And no pale skin, Dead Head thing going on here (sorry again!)!

Working out & eating clean gets you lean! No, I’m not a skinny, flabby, pale chick!

I’d love to hear from you! What type of eating makes you feel and look good?

Love & light!


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