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Why Beachbody?

I have been involved in some sort of fitness regimen most of my life. From playing youth sports as a child, to weight lifting in my teens and early twenties, to mountain biking. In recent years I dipped into the “in-home fitness” spectrum of exercising. It started when my wife would buy DVDs by GAIAM ®for yoga and Billy Blanks’ TAE Bo ®. I decided to give both a try. I would have times where I was too busy to hit the gym, so I would do a workout DVD instead. Eventually I would make it back to the gym for a while and hit the free weights some days, and the treadmill or elliptical machine on other days. I would go back and forth with the routines and keep a decent exercise routine going. Around the holidays I would stop working out, gain weight, and then get back to some sort of routine again around mid-January.

I liked going to the gym, and when time was an issue the TAE Bo ® and Yoga workouts came in handy. I will be the first to tell you that a TAE Bo ® workout will have you sweating and burning calories. I will also tell you that GAIAM ® (makers of AM/PM Yoga and several Yoga Conditioning DVDS) provide some excellent yoga and flexibility workouts. I can also tell you from experience that you can get a good workout in a gym, by mountain biking, playing basketball, training in martial arts, or from a number of activities that interest you. I can tell you all of these things because I have done them. I will also tell you that while I have done all of these things and enjoyed them that while doing them, I had never truly stuck with the routines for any length of time. I basically had a yo-yo, rollercoaster fitness thing going on.

Then I saw an infomercial for Beachbody ®’s P90X ®. My story is similar to many others out there. I saw the infomercial, I got the DVDs, I did the workouts, I followed the nutrition plan, and I got amazing results! Since doing P90X ® I tried several of Beachbody ®’s other programs like Insanity ® and 10 Minute Trainer ®. I could write a story on my Beachbody ® journey (maybe some other time), but for now I want to share why this worked for me A LOT better than the previously mentioned workouts and activities.

First with P90X ®, the workouts are great and efficient. They provide a variety and schedule that is untouched by any other program out there. While other DVDs provide you with a good burn and workout, Beachbody’s programs are a complete system that can only be rivaled by having an on-call personal trainer in your living room.

Another thing you get with all of Beachbody ®’s programs is a nutrition plan that is detailed and easy to follow. I have seen other programs provide a diet guide that demonstrates some healthy meals, but the Beachbody ® plans take it to another level. They provide customized nutrition that can be tailored to anyone’s specific needs. The nutrition is designed specifically for each program to be sure that you get the most out of your physical goals.

Also with Beachbody ® (and this is huge) you get online support from the Team Beachbody ® community. Now, I know that “online support” can seem like that it’s not that big of a deal. But with Team Beachbody ® you literally have a community of millions of people that are enthusiasts and supporters of the programs along with the experts providing tips and up-to-date information. All of this is what separates P90X ® and other Beachbody programs from the rest. You can get good workouts elsewhere, but unless you can afford a personal trainer, personal dietician and chef, and you are surrounded by people that encourage your efforts daily to get the best workouts and complete fitness solution, Beachbody ® is the way to go. With several different workouts and trainers on the Beachbody ® team, there is something for everyone.

Glen Gosch

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