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Get Your Sexy Back!

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast! And we only have about 100 days or so until Memorial Day weekend! Where does the time go?

So who wants to get their “SEXY” back? The holidays have a way of plumping us up and the end result is we start feeling sluggish, bloated, not sexy at all. Combine that with the the lack of sunlight & warm weather and we have a recipe for disaster!

So how can you get your sexy back? EAT CLEAN! EXERCISE! What? You didn’t get that? Let me repeat. EAT CLEAN! EXERCISE! The fastest way to stop feeling the post holiday blues and get ready for the spring & summer is to start eating clean & start moving!! I know I can hear the groans & grunts of frustration. But trust me, I’ve had bad winters. I know how it is, and I know that eating clean and getting your booty off the couch will help you tremendously.

Exercise boosts your spirits! Eating clean helps you feel less bloated & gives you more energy. Combine these and you will kick the winter blues and shed the winter fat. BTW, did you know Shakeology contains libido enhancing ingredients such as maca?

Stop procrastinating & just do it!

Need help getting started or figuring it all out? Then we need to talk. You can leave a comment below & I will get back to you! Or go to my website and click join now! Become a member of Team Beachbody and get me as your fitness coach. I’m running group challenges now and would love to help you get your sexy back.

Love & Light!


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