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Featured Product – Performance Formula

Do I have a secret weapon that I use to keep my busy schedule with parenting, working , working out and living life to the fullest each day.   It is no secret that my faith is an integral part of my life, but is there anything else that I do?

Yes, actually there is.   Years ago, I got the Performance Formula from Beachbody and it actually works great.   About 30:00 before my workouts, I take a Performance Formula with a big glass of water and that’s it.   It gives me more energy, I burn more fat and no workout seems too daunting.

Performance Formula is a blend of garcinia cambogia fruit extract, panax ginseng root extract, rhodiola crenulata root extract, carnitine and green tea leaf.   I don’t know what those things are, but I do know that Beachbody makes the highest quality products and that they created a blend that works exactly the way that they say that it will with:

  • Increased energy*
  • Faster weight loss*
  • More stamina*
  • Reduced fatigue and soreness*

To learn more about Performance Formula, just click here.

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