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When sickness strikes

Well, its that time of year when all sorts of sickness strikes.   Cold, flu, stomach bug, you name it.

Right now, I’m starting to recover from my least favorite, the stomach bug. Its no fun for anyone when mom gets sick, so I have my own way of shortening the duration of it.   Acidophilus really helped me last year and so far with this year’s bug.   I take it acidophilus capsules everyday, but when my kids start getting sick, I take it 3 times per day. Ialso drink plenty of fluids and eat very light until a full recovery.   This little trick has helped me tame the bug to last only 24 hours for me instead of 48 or more like in the past.

But what should someone do with their workout routine when sickness strikes?   Well my advice is to take it easy, especially if you’re running a fever, have a stomach virus, or just feel like you can’t move.   Get rest! You can always get back into your routine when you feel better.

If you are starting to feel better, you can do some easy exercise like gentle yoga, walking or even light weight training.   But if you start feeling dizzy or tired, stop.

After you’re recovered, ease back in to your routine.   If you went without eating for a few days you will feel very weak.   Don’t force yourself into a really tough workout right away.   Get back to eating right and then you can get back to normal.

So, don’t forget to keep washing those hands of yours, take your vitamins and eat right. Hopefully you can keep the germs away.

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