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An Hour a Day to Make a Difference

Darren Hardy is publisher of Success Magazine.   I visit his site, read his blog and avidly follow him on Twitter because of his positive messages and because he is making a difference.   On his blog, he recently posted an article entitled, “What Difference do You Make?”   It begins by saying, “Abraham Lincoln made a difference that changed the world forever, but so did Hitler. Both men are equally remembered, but for which problems do you want to be remembered? The ones you solved or the ones you created?”

In the United States, and really worldwide, we have a health crisis.   If you don’t realize it and you aren’t doing something about it, you should be.   We all need to be responsible for our health and wellness.   One hundred years ago we were, 50 years ago we were, even 25 years ago we were.   Now our health is something that we don’t care about and making us feel better is up to doctors and drug companies.

Take charge of your health and you will make a difference.   Spend an hour a day focusing on exercise, good nutrition and positive lifestyle choices and you will make a difference not only in your life but also in the lives of others.

My first recommendation would be to start with a product called Shakeology, which has 70 healthy ingredients that will start the process of reversing all of the damage to your body that poor nutrition has caused.   It will also help you lose weight and have more energy.   Watch the video below and see how it can make a difference in your life.

My second recommendation would be to help other people get fit and healthy by joining the Team Beachbody community.   By committing to help other people get healthy, you will be accountable to your own wellness program.   Watch the video below and learn how with as little as an hour a day, you can make a difference…

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