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Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Had I written this blog last week, it would have been titled, “Negative Thinking, Negative Habits, Negative Change” because a stomach virus started wreaking havoc within my body early last Monday morning and was quite successful in preventing me from having those positive thoughts that keep me going every day and making me far less than productive than usual. No, I didn’t develop any negative habits and there wasn’t any negative change, but I certainly didn’t make any progress.

My life is actually like a “sole proprietorship” and when I don’t “produce” then I get pretty anxious. Having older parents (my Mom actually had her tubes tied and then had me – so I was really a late in a Mom’s life “mistake”) that have both passed away and being an only child, I have virtually no extended family to fall back on for some supportive words. All of my drive has to come from within and being sick has a tendency to produce negative thoughts and makes everything seem overwhelming. Viruses come and go, but what if you are sick and tired all the time? How do you generate those positive thoughts and positive habits that become a driving force in your life? Since I theme the articles for the “Free Class” on my blog, this is probably a good week to address those of you who are sick, tired or sick and tired and give you some good articles to read to get your mind going on a positive path again and to help make your life seem less overwhelming.

If you are feeling overwhelmed right now, why not take the time to read the article, A Mayonnaise Jar and Two Cups of Coffee. It will make your life a little easier today!

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