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Sick Like Me

I am not overweight (see Fat Like Me below) and I am a Caucasian male, so I am not black (as in the book, Black Like Me), but I am sick most of the time. An odd thing for a fitness coach to confess, but, because of one of those unforeseen happenings in life, I have been sick for the last 22 years. You can read the long version of why in “About” (above) or I can just tell you that on a Friday night in May 1985, I hit a van broadside and my health was irrevocably ruined. I have some good stretches, but my health changes quickly and I never know how long the good periods are going to last. I went from being a super fit competitive runner to making excuses for why I couldn’t run or didn’t have the vitality that I had before.

So how can I give you advice on fitness and health? Because next to my family, my health and fitness are the most important things in the world to me and I do whatever it takes to have the best quality of life that I can. I relentlessly pursue the best nutrition plans to nourish my body, including eating all organic, have no lifestyle issues like smoking, drinking or drugs and consume an array of vitamins and supplements that should, together, make me the healthiest person on the planet.

Yet stress and poor sleep combine to wreak havoc with my health and now, for instance, my white blood cell count is so low that I have been quite ill for over six weeks. My work ethic and running two online businesses don’t allow for time off and I simply continue on in an act of my will against my ill and so far I am winning.

I am beginning to realize the foolishnesses of being so driven to succeed, however, and I am making small concessions to being human. Today, for instance, I cut the number of blogs that I have in half and virtually all of my readers are being directed to this one blog. With Christmas day falling on a Tuesday, it also means that orders will slow down now and I can focus much more on enjoying the season. Combined with having seen a master herbologist yesterday and some adjustments to what I am taking to keep this now old body going, by next week I may be able to embark on another period of reasonable health.

You as my readers will always benefit from the knowledge that I gain in my life’s journey and I am always anxious to pass it on to you for the purpose of enriching your life.

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