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Results Based Motivation To Succeed

I’m Carl Daikeler, CEO of Product Partners, a marketing company which has specialized in developing fitness and weight loss products under the Beachbody brand since 1998.   My CEO motivation was to become a “walking billboard” for the business, and it occurred to us that my CEO-motivation to succeed could be replicated by other customers if we created a “business opportunity” model making customers the CEO of their own fitness and weight loss store. The result is The Million Dollar Body Network – where customers become coaches, with their own storefront, a steady flow of prospects, and the best pricing on the most visible fitness systems on television.

What is exciting about that is, there is no shortage of prospects. We hear a lot about the growing epidemic of obesity. 60 Million people in the US qualify as “obese”, and tens of million more as overweight. Now with your participation on this new level, by finding your inner CEO-motivation to succeed, we might have enough incentive to replace the epidemic of disease and debt with an “Epidemic of Fitness, Health and Wealth“.

The Million Dollar Body Network (MDB) is an exclusive peer-to-peer business opportunity giving coaches a commission for helping us keep new customers on track and for generating sales of Beachbody’s products. It is a bold initiative in an industry that is hypnotized by its thinking the only marketable solutions are gym memberships, equipment gimmicks, and diet fads. In this way, I hope MDB will represent a redistribution of millions of dollars of wealth from gyms and fad brokers to the people who do the REAL heavy lifting of motivation; To the customers-turned coaches who help people to keep pushing play and eating right each day!

That’s how MDB is the first network marketing business of its kind – rewarding members for getting results through the Million Dollar Body Game, and rewarding coaches for helping every individual stay with it, to stay true to their desire to get lean and healthy!

The only people that lose in this scenario are the ones who still don’t get it, who continue to chase every miracle pill or diet fad expecting to get different results. The MDB Network is about encouraging participation in what works: Fitness, proper nutrition, and peer support. That’s the combination that has lined the walls of Beachbody with incredible success stories.

Peer support works. Whether you are trying to change how you eat, get active, quit smoking or change any stubborn habit, by surrounding yourself with people who help you stay on track your odds of success are a lot better than if you try to go it alone. And MDB was borne from a desire Beachbody co-founder Jon Congdon and I share to increase the role the community plays in helping people find those like-minded people. We’ve seen over and over again that the customers who have the most dramatic transformations tend to be those that seek and provide real peer support within the message boards, WOWY, and the Million Dollar Body Club.

Imagine how the momentum of real lifestyle change could build if more people were helping each other achieve their goals, and this simple and effective model really catches on! If you see more people around losing weight, and earning a substantial paycheck each week for doing so, wouldn’t you be motivated to become a coach, keep pushing play, and become your own walking billboard too? Now you can see the epidemic I’m talking about!

The management team of MDB, led by experienced network marketer (and now Power 90 enthusiast) Chris Simonian knows the important balance between business opportunity and the legacy of non-judgmental support within our community.

Nobody wants to be out of shape or overweight. But a closet full of meal replacement powder is not the answer to long term weight loss. That’s why our solution is so marketable where people are otherwise suspicious of peer-to-peer marketing. We know our model actually works. And if you’ve done it, the proof stands undeniably right in front of you.

That’s an easy sell, and a healthy, worthwhile sell.

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