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Strawberry Lemonade Pre-Workout Drink

Strawberry Lemonade Pre-Workout Energize is the #1 most requested flavor for Beachbody Performance Energize and it is now available. You can try Strawberry Lemonade or any of the other 3 flavors risk-free. Just go to Beachbody Performance Energize to choose the flavor in the drop down.

If you are struggling with low energy, no motivation, or lack of focus, take Energize before workouts for more energy and endurance. Energize is formulated with key ingredients to help:

• Boost energy and endurance
• Improve exercise performance
• Sharpen focus and reaction time
• Increase muscle power output
• Delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue

Strawberry Lemonade Energize

How to Use Strawberry Lemonade Pre-Workout Energize

Simply mix with water according to the label instructions, and drink within 30 minutes before you begin exercising.
Important notes about Energize:

• The vibrant yellow color of Energize comes naturally from quercetin, a phytonutrient found in many fruits and vegetables. A strong yellow color indicates higher levels and higher purity. Our quercetin is the best in the industry, so it’s brighter than other products that contain inferior quality or lower levels of quercetin. This color is natural; there’s nothing artificial about it!
• Energize contains beta-alanine, which can create a mild tingling or itching sensation on the skin for some people. This response is perfectly normal and is not cause for alarm. Most people don’t notice the response once they start working out, and with continued use the sensation gradually subsides.

PS – I’ve been drinking Beachbody workout drinks since I started coaching and when it was called P90X Energy & Endurance. I never work out without it!

strawberry lemonade energize

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